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The Faithful Shepherd

(An original painting by Robin Harding Smith- 2017) – A sturdy staff speaks of the  responsibility of the shepherd to  direct and protect his sheep. – A Bible in hand  speaks of the authoritative Message of the Christian shepherd and his on-going responsibility to make disciples. – The sheep speak of the flock of God… Read more »

From our Kenyan partner, Timothy Kinyua:

“OBI ministry has been of great help to many brethren. Few days ago I met one brother whom I  had invited in 2004 OBI conference  after very long time. He  shared with me how that conference changed his life and his ministry. He told me he is doing very well and He always pray for… Read more »


Today, September 18, marks two years since my heart attack…just two months after Rachel went to heaven.  These two years and two months have certainly been a roller-coaster ride…with a new appreciation for my faith, more empathy for the hurting, and a greater desire for heaven.  Thank you for your prayers. PERSONALLY SPEAKING… My health… Read more »

Is Hope a Rare Commodity?

WITH SO MUCH RELIGIOUS NOISE OUT THERE, I HESITATE TO ADD ANOTHER VOICE; HOWEVER,… …this verse of Scripture has attached itself to my mind. Please allow me just a few thoughts. HAS HOPE BECOME A RARE COMMODITY? It is THE anchor of the soul!…sure and steadfast. If we lose it, we lose everything! HE IS… Read more »